Law Office of Peter Johnson

Bankruptcy and Reorganization for Consumers and Small Business

Peter Johnson is a bankruptcy attorney with over 39 years of experience representing consumers, small business enterprises, creditors and bankruptcy trustees, primarily in the Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. He served as a bankruptcy trustee for over twenty years and has encountered most issues that can arise in a bankruptcy case.

Legal Services

Small Business

We provide counsel and assistance to the small business that has encountered a market that no longer makes operation viable, including out of court winding up of business or liquidation through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Business Consulting

We provide counsel and advice to our clients, both as potential debtors or creditors regarding impact of bankruptcy filing on them or their business.  These issues can include the impact on the owners of the business through personal debt guaranties, costs of bankruptcy, cash collateral issues, lien rights, clawback concerns  and operational restrictions. We think it is important to consider the timing of any filing that may affect payroll, utilities, property loss and ongoing litigation. Our objective is to solve the problems of viable business entities and exit chapter 11 quickly. Our reputation in the bankruptcy court is that we complete the vast majority of reorganizations filed by our firm.

Personal Bankruptcy

Unfortunately unforeseen events in life can cause individuals to find themselves overwhelmed by debt. Whether this comes from the loss of job, medical catastrophes or a business failure, our experience allows are clients to rely on accurate and well reasoned advice. We recognize the importance of preservation of your assets and also recognize the importance of thorough and proactive administration of the personal bankruptcy process. We are always available to provide answers to your questions and strive to fully inform before any case is undertaken.